Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Successful people do this everyday... Can you?

Successful people do this everyday... Can you?

Have you ever imagined how the successful business person becomes successful? A successful business owners approaches their businesses differently than the normal business owner. Success doesn't just “happen”.

Here are 7 Key Success Tips for your business success.

Mindset – Mindset is #1 for success. 98% of our skillset comes from our mindset. Most people tend to overlook this important factor. It really is true... “garbage in, garbage out”. Personal development is one of the most important things you can do for your business success.
Listen to Daily Motivational Audio – Listen to great motivational speakers like Jim Rohn and Zig ZiglarRead Daily Inspirational and Motivational Books - “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill is an excellent book to start with. Mr. Hill tells the “secret” to business success.Mastermind with like individuals – Find a teacher (if you don't already have one) Join groups on Facebook and LinkedIn where leaders hang out.

Vision – Each day remember your vision-your “WHY” Let your vision lead you. A strong vision will compel you not to quit, even when you are facing adversity. Your vision will “drive” you. Because it is easier when you know why you do what you do.

Believe In Yourself – You must believe in yourself and that you will have success to realize business success. This confidence in yourself will carry you through any storms that you may encounter along the way to success. Never let failure get in your way, but rather remember what you learned from the failures, then embrace them, and grow from them.

Failure is success if we learn from it. ~Malcolm Forbes

Don't Judge Your Success By The Success Of Others – When you do this, you will lose your vision and allow yourself to no longer believe in yourself. You are unique. You are like no one else, so your successes will be different.

Be Comfortable With Who You Are – Never be someone you are not. I can guarantee you that people will see right though you. You are most definitely the biggest asset your business will ever have. Know your qualities and strengths.

Be A Leader – Be a leader and always follow your leader. Successful business owner need a mentor. Let your mentor teach you and then become the leader that you want others to see in you.

A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspired the power and energy to get it done.” ~ Ralph Lauren

Take Action – Take massive action DAILY for your business success. See, one action step leads to the next and so on... Then you become unstoppable! Your vision will cause you to the the action steps necessary to reach your goals.

Success comes from within. What it takes for your business success is truly inside of you.

All of these things...mindset, taking action, believing in yourself, being a leader, being comfortable with who you are, your vision... These come from within you!

Apply these 7 tips DAILY for success in your business.

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Here's a great tool I use for business success. Inside you will find mentorship and the skills you need to grow what's inside of you.

Success Through Helping Others,

Ahmad Mardini

Friday, December 28, 2012

6 Important Entrepreneur Characteristics

6 Important Entrepreneur Characteristics

It takes a very special person to be an entrepreneur. It requires a person to have a specific set of skills and characteristics. If you’ve been a business owner or entrepreneur for long, you’ll know how difficult it can be to focus on a project.
If you’re a true entrepreneur, you probably get new ideas all the time. Ideas that are difficult not to act on. It feels counter productive not to act on an instinctive idea that could be “the next big thing”.
But as you come to learn, starting new projects before you’ve finished the last can be detrimental. The other day I read an interesting piece on entrepreneurial traits and characteristics; here are 6 of the important things :
1. Do What You Love
The chances are if you don’t thoroughly enjoy your business, it’s not going to be very successful. It’s hard to build a financially rewarding and satisfying business if you don’t enjoy it. Some starting out, they just don’t quite understand how important this is. If they come up with an idea that seems plausible, they’ll go ahead with it even if they’re not in love with the concept.
Many times these small ideas that you’re not too fond of turn into life consuming monsters that make you lose your happiness. I know financial rewards are why most people start businesses, but in the end it’s about a lot more than money. It’s about freedom, personal fulfillment, satisfaction and most importantly enjoyment.
2. Plan
Everyone knows planning is-important, but still business owners lack planning in several aspects of their business. Planning is important because it makes you thoroughly analyze every element, every single aspect and division of your business.
I don’t like conventional business plans. I believe a business plan should say two things: what your goals are and how you’re going to achieve them, every step of the way, from A-Z.
3. Be Serious
If you’re building an online/home business, this especially applies to you. Take what you do seriously. You’re one of the fortunate few who have been able to start a business. Whether you’re starting from scratch equipped with the right knowledge or have a bunch of seed money; most individuals rarely if ever get the opportunity to start a business or simply don’t know how to.
Take everything you do seriously. Just because you’re not in a corporate office, it doesn’t mean you’re allowed to work in your boxer shorts all day with the TV on. That’s ridiculous. Don’t get side tracked, turn off all distractions. You’re the boss so its your job to oversee yourself and your job.
4. Cash Flow, Mind Your Own Business
Cash flow is what keeps your business running. Without it you can’t function. It allows you to buy products, pay for services, tools and market your stuff. Always pay very close attention to cash flow.
Figure out how much cash flow you need each month to keep your business afloat, pay your bills, yourself and grow it. You need to learn how to properly manage your money. Create a monthly balance sheet of income, expenses and assets.
5. Put Customers First
Remember that saying the customer is always right? That’s bullshit when it comes to most businesses. If you have a bad customer who is consuming too much time and not spending enough money; by all means get rid of the customer in the most diplomatic way possible.
With that said, your customers should come first. If you treat your customers really well, give them free gifts, nurture them; they’ll become customers for life. Your customer service should be second to none and a top priority. Bad customer service is one of the most common reasons for losing business.
6.Explore your costumers
If you’re a home business owner, consultant or coach; you have the unique ability of making a living off a small group of people. It means you can offer personal attention and interact with your customers. Repeat business is the best kind of business.
Getting to know your customers is the ultimate strategy of increasing repeat business. It’s a well known fact that customers don’t like calling a digital voice mail service only to be transferred seven times to get through to the right department.
If you have a small group of customers or clients, answer personal phone calls, get to know them, its your best shot at winning them over and driving repeat business. For further reading on getting to know your customers and building your business around a small group of fans, read “1000 Raving Fans” on how to make $100k/year from 500 people.
In Prosperity,

Ahmad Mardini

How To Create 1000 Followers For Your Blog

How to make 1000 Followers For your Blog

How To Create 1000 Followers For Your Blog

In this post I’m going to talk about a business model. A very specific business model anyone can use to make a full time income on or off of the Internet. All it involves is building an audience and giving them what they want. A piece of advice that has supposedly been taught for years.

In the Internet Marketing space, everyone has adopted this philosophy of Sell, Sell, Sell!

The school of thought has been, get people in your list and sell them as many products as you can in the shortest amount of time. While that makes a little sense, I have another option. Something far superior.

The problem with Sell, Sell, Sell lies in the old saying of “churn and burn”. Churning and burning is what the vast majority of online marketers are doing. Churning and burning means building massive lists of subscribers and throwing sales page after sales page at them until they become unresponsive or exit from your list altogether.

While the strategy does actually work, it’s wildly ineffective, aggravating and plain stupid. Here’s why. Let’s say your ultimate income goal is $100,000 per year, which is a very reasonable and attainable goal for anyone. $100k a year allows you to live a very comfortable mobile lifestyle as an Internet Marketer.

Now in order to make $100,000 per year selling let’s say information products, you need to sell 1000 products at $100 each or 3000 products at $34 each. Or even 6000 products at $17 each. Let’s take the 6000 product example.

Selling 6000 products takes a lot of work. To sell 6000 products, you could launch one product per month each selling 500 copies. That’s 12×500 = 6000 per year. This is the model a lot of marketers are using. It’s the perpetual launch model.

12 launches a year is excessive, most launch more like 6 products in a year just to achieve their 6 figure goal. Launching a product per month is insane. Here is why the model sucks:

1. You Have To Constantly Create New Products

2. You Have To Constantly Get New Buyers On Your List

3. It Makes You Look And Feel Like An Asshole

I have nothing against constantly creating products. Many billion dollar companies rely on product launch marketing. Look at Apple, if they stopped releasing new products each year; it wouldn’t take long for their stock to plummet. With that said, if you’re a one man band or a small group of people; there is a better way.

The biggest problem with the perpetual launch model is with churning and burning customers. Marketers especially in this space treat their customers as if they have a timer on them. They believe if they don’t sell something to them right away, they’re going to shutdown and become unresponsive for life. The reality is the opposite.

If you blast offer after offer at your customers, they will become unresponsive quickly. But if you take the other option, tell them your the good guy and that you’ll only promote things of massive value; they’ll stay responsive for a much greater length of time.

This means if you don’t blast offer after offer, instead offer your list free content and promote the occasional product to them; they will become followers of yours. Loyal customers. I really don’t like affiliate marketing that much. I prefer to promote my own products to my list. For one it’s a much easier sell since the people on my list already know me. It’s warm selling.

When you send your list to an affiliate offer, it’s a sort of cold sell with a warm recommendation from you. It doesn’t work as well. So I’m all for affiliate marketing, but in small doses. So obviously blasting offers to your list is a bad idea, and if you instead give value your customers will stay active for much longer. Which means you won’t need as many of them! That’s the golden information.

You won’t have to keep launching new products to get more buyers on your list if you just keep your buyers responsive. Touching on the third point, you do feel like an asshole when you’re constantly promoting other people’s offers. Your customers are meant to be like your “tribe”. They trust you not to send them lots of crap; so don’t.

The “Churn And Burn” Model is flawed without a doubt, the “1000 Followers” model is far superior…

The 1000 Followers or 1000 followers model is the ultimate way to earn a living, especially on the Internet. This is how it works:

The 1000 Follower model is essentially making a full time income online by creating a small group of loyal fans. It’s very simple, you create a fan or (customer) base of just 1000 people. 1000 people who are happy to purchase your products and services. You help them, offer personal support and in return they support you by purchasing your products.

What I’m talking about here is getting rid of the old ineffective burn and churn method and instead focusing on helping a small number of people by providing high quality information, products and services. Becoming their go to person. Big lists are useless if you can’t maintain rapport with your subscribers. The bigger your list, the harder it is to manage and the more frustrating it gets as your open rates drop and unsubscriptions accelerate.

Its extremely difficult to earn 6+ figures a year blasting irrelevant product after irrelevant product to your massive list of general subscribers.

It’s easier to please a small group of people by charging premium prices for the exact products, services and information they require. Since it’s such a focused group of people; it’s easy to find out exactly what they want and how you can provide it to them.

The math makes so much more sense. Build a list of 1000 buyers who each spend an avg. of a day’s salary per year on your products/services/information. If your average buyer makes $37,000/year, that’s around $101/day times 1000 = your six figures. Obviously you’ll have people earning a lot more than that figure.

Another way of looking at it is if you release three products per year. Each priced at a low-ish $37. $37 x 3 x 1000 = $111,000/year. If you have 1000 true fans/loyal buyers, the chances are you’re going to make a lot more money than $100k or you’re going to need less buyers. In order to make $100k/year online releasing an average of 3 products per year, you only really need 500 buyers.

Ahmad  Mardini

Pigs Don't Realize Pigs Stink

Pigs Don't Realize  Pigs Stink

Today’s post is a little different
.  This is a tribute to the innovators of our industry and the creators of the original MLM systems that almost every successful MLM organization in the world has been based off of.  They have the largest, most stable organizations in the history of our industry, and are more than three times the size of the next closest MLM giant.
That’s right my friends, business history was changed and inspired by none other than Amway.

(No, I’m not in Amway
…but I think that they’re pretty cool
If you’re in the MLM industry and you don’t appreciate what Amway has done for our industry and Free Enterprise, it’s time to get educated and inspired by the most powerful ‘Dream Builders
‘ in history.
When I was in my early 20?s, I got a hold of a tape series from the early 80?s called ‘Pigs Don’t realize Pigs Stink
‘ that was done by an Amway distributor named Dave Severn.  Ever since then, this has been my favorite audio I’ve ever listened to, and I’ve probably listened to it 200 times.  When I built my first successful organization offline, I used to listen to this tape driving to every meeting I did for almost 2 years, just to get pumped.
I just popped it in the other day again, and decided it was time for the world to hear.  This is going to probably be the only place you’ll ever find this, because I had to transfer it from a ratted out 1980?s audio tape to MP3… It’s about 3-4 hours, but you’ll be inspired to an entirely new level if you take the time to listen, because what Amway has done better than any company in the world has been to ‘Build the Dream’…

Listen In By Hitting The ‘Play’ Button Now.  Enjoy
I wanted to just take a minute to thank Dave Severn for producing one of the most inspirational audios that I’ve ever heard in my life. There were many times when the only thing that kept me inspired was listening to an old ratted out Amway tape on the way to someones home, and that’s what our industry is all about.


Speaking the dream.

Having a vision
Moving people.

Is your dream BIG enough?

Ahmad Mardini

Monday, December 17, 2012

Beta Male Behavours To Avoid As A Leader

Beta Male Behavours To Avoid As A Leader

-Seeking approval by ending sentence : right ? ? ?    isn't it  ? ? ?
-Don't try to dominate.===>YOU ARE A NATURAL LEADER.
-Don't follow someones agenda,since alpha male talks only about what Internets him.
-Don't try to outsmart any one.Be secure and listen.
-Have a well balanced life with lifestyle.Take dance lessons.Do activities.Don't sit around playing video games.

Alpha Male And Life

 Alpha Male And Life

Are You A Beta Male ?===>Approval seeking



Are You an Alpha male ?===>passionate and high status and people seek his approval.

Todays tip to become an alpha male :affirm to yourself when you wake up and before you sleep that YOU ARE BECOMING A HIGH STATUS ALPHA MALE ===>(ALPHA MEANS PREDATOR NOT PREY )EX ALPHA ANIMALS :TIGER,LION.

How an alpha male act: 

-Dominant Man is not afraid to gaze at people.
-Dominant people control conversation and not afraid to interrupt conversation.
-Don't Be Afraid to speak your mind.
-Avoid The UMM And Ahh.
-Speak Slowly And Pause.
-Alpha male spreads his legs and hands and takes space.
-Don't Play with sugar packets.
-Touching yourself when you talk communicate subconsciously insecurity and kills insecurity.
-Movie Fight Club has a good demonstration of alphaness and good body language.
-Don't look down ,because you are an alpha male and you are not submissive.
-Alpha male has relaxed face.
-Alpha male only smile when there is something to smile about.
-Think that you ARE THE MAN.
-Walk as if you had massive success.
-Gaze at the person when you speak that communicate what you are saying is important.
- playful and tender and touch others.
-Alpha keep it short and to the point.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Why im doing what im doing

Having pain in the ass these times

Living with stressfull and negative poeple.

Living in an aggressive enviroment where you are worth 1$(price of the bullet)

These reasons can cause me depression.

Or can be the greatest motivation toward greatness and doing millions of money online like no one have ever done ,so i can immigrate and be self reliant.